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“Couture” is a bespoke Collection of one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces, exclu- sively crafted in-house by our skilled artisans in the tradition of the old Masters from the Renaissance’s Florence or XVIII century’s Paris.

Fine gemstones collected from Brazil, Colombia or India are the main source of inspiration for Roberto and Amedeo, initiating a long journey from remote mines to the most elegant shops of the world, from the natural beauty of rare rough minerals, to the finished splendor of our spec- tacular Jewels, through months and months of research, endless sketching, and long hours of labor-intense bench work.

Every piece is made with passion and love, as there is nothing more exclusive and elegant than rarity and uniqueness.



Faraone Mennella’s polished surfaces and sensuous shapes, in search of the perfect equi- librium of forms, are the true expression of Italian aesthetics: Beauty as simplicity, Elegance as discreet sensibility.

The ancient craft of goldsmith from Tuscany finds its natural medium in Faraone Mennella’s contemporary approach to current trends, pop culture and fashion icons, mixing classic beauty with the freshness of today’s luxury lifestyle.

“Aesthetic appreciation of beauty is the most perfect reconciliation of the sensual and rational parts of human nature”


Our Boutiques

New York

Boutique Faraone Mennella

958 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10021
P: 212 752 5884

Bergdorf Goodman

745 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10019
P: 212 872 2518


28 Lowndes Street
Tel: 0207 235 1183


Boutique Faraone Mennella Via Fuorlovado
23 Capri 80073
Phone: 0039 081 8370992

The Decade

In Spring 2001, Amedeo Scognamiglio and Roberto revolutionized the luxury world, bringing to NYC a new concept of jewelry: with fresh, contemporary and un-conditioned approach.

The young Italian designers brought “Fine Jewels” out and away from their velvety boxes and on to everyday gorgeous women. A jewel in their mind, had to be adornment, the joy of life and an unforgettable moment.