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In Spring 2001, Amedeo Scognamiglio and Roberto revolutionized the luxury world, bringing to NYC a new concept of jewelry: with fresh, contemporary and un-conditioned approach. The young Italian designers brought “Fine Jewels” out and away from their velvety boxes and on to everyday gorgeous women. A jewel in their mind, had to be adornment, the joy of life and an unforgettable moment.

While Sex & the City was defining a generation, Faraone Mennella found their muses…

The Beginning

The dynamic duo ran into Patricia Field during a Summer night in New York City while the shooting of the TV series Sex & The City was taking place. From that very moment, their friendship and collaboration was fundamental to the incredible venture called “Faraone Mennella’. That same year the most luxurious stores in the world tapped Faraone Mennella and started carrying its jewels.


In 2004, Faraone Mennella started its 5 year unprecedented collaboration with Carolina Herrera. They designed for the legendary fashion icon a collection of one of a kind pieces inspired by her couture gowns.

The following year, the Designers launch Faraone Mennella Couture, a collection of bespoke masterpieces, crafted in house and using the most exquisite and rare gemstones.


Amedeo and Roberto have created iconic pieces for movies like Devil wears Prada, Sex & the City, Wall Street, it’s Complicated, When in Vegas and TV shows such as Will & Grace, Sex & The City and Lipstick Jungle.

Fans and devotees of the Italians designers creations include Oprah Winfrey, Rachel Welch, Kim Catrall, Patricia Field, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Katherine Heigel, Brooke Shileds, Carine Roitfield, Nina Griscom, Olivia Chantecaille, Linda Fargo, Giovanna Battaglia and more.


In Greek mythology, The Muses were nine semi-goddesses who presided over the Arts, inspiring the mortals from above. To celebrate the first 10 years of their journey in the luxury world, Designers Roberto Faraone Mennella and Amedeo Scognamiglio envisioned the portraits of their own Muses whose style inspired and influenced a decade of fine jewelry and sophisticated craftsmanship, through the lens of Italian fashion photographer Lorenzo Bringheli.

Faraone Mennella, among the 100 influential Designers in the world has inspired a legions of copycats with its glamorous hand twisted gold links a must have for the socialite set.

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November 2010, Faraone Mennella opened the doors of its London boutique in Knightsbridge. November 2013, Faraone Mennella opens its first concession Boutique in the Harrods Fine Jewelry Room.


July 2012, Faraone Mennella opened its Capri flagship boutique. Visit


June 2013, Faraone Mennella opens in Porto Cervo at the Harrods Prestige Village.